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Are you yet to embrace cloud accounting for your business? At Rogerson Kenny we’ve seen, time and time again, how cloud accounting has improved our clients’ business practices. Today we share our top five reasons why you should move your accounting to the cloud.


As a business owner you make hundreds of decisions every day. Many of these decisions are financial. Connecting to a system that processes data and makes it available to your accountant in real time can have a great impact on the financial advice you’re given.

Accessing data in real time doesn’t only make your accountant’s job easier, but it also encourages better communication. This increases the chance that you’re given the correct business advice for your current situation.


No one enjoys wasting hours on data entry. Cloud accounting services that automatically feeds your business transactions into the system saves both you and your accountant valuable time. Most business owners would agree that this time is better spent focusing on ways to grow your business and improve your service offerings.

Automatic live feeding of data also minimises the ever-present risk of human error that comes with entering data manually.


One of the most beneficial aspects of any cloud-based service is that it guarantees that your data is never lost. Whether your office is hit by natural disaster like floods or fires – or you misplace your laptop on the bus – your data is safe in the cloud.

Password protection also ensures that no one but you and those you’ve given access can see and interact with your financial information.


Today’s business owners are more mobile than ever. Using accounting technology that travels with you and lets you view and engage with your finances anywhere, anytime, gives your business a competitive advantage.

Not being tied to a particular workstation also enables collaborations, where anyone you choose to give access to your system can view and interact with the data.


If you’ve been running a business for a few years you have probably seen accounting software come and go. From floppy disks to CD-ROMs and USBs, they all had one thing in common – as they evolved and new versions became available, you or your accountant had to spend time updating the software.

Working in the cloud means your updates are automatic and free of charge. Also, if you run into problems most cloud services have chat support available a click away.

Although the accounting profession is constantly changing, it is safe to say that the introduction of cloud services on the market is one of the biggest game changers to date. That means that if your accountant is yet to catch on, it might be time to consider taking your business elsewhere.