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November 10, 2020

5 Steps to Growing your Legal Firm

When thinking about how to grow your Legal Firm, it’s common to look straight at issues with marketing and sales. But, marketing and sales should be one of the last considerations. Clearly, a very important component, but without the support of the other components, you may have a marketing department firing on all cylinders, without […]

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Taking Financial Control of your Legal Firm

If you are a partner or owner of a legal firm, and you: Don’t take regular profit distributions Run the business from your bank account Have no idea how the business is performing Don’t know what the capacity of the firm is and if you do, if you are under or overachieving Don’t receive regular […]

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The Black Hole in your Legal Firm

This guide is about understanding the ‘gap’ between the capacity in your legal firm, against what it is actual billing. We call this gap the ‘black hole’ in a legal firm. We then explore some common reasons why there may be a gap and what you can do about it. Comparing Capacity to your Billings […]

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Calculating Capacity in your Legal Firm

There are many methods and rule’s of thumb when calculating the billing capacity of your legal firm.   In this short guide, we will explore these so you can apply to your business, but note, every legal firm is different and these should be used as a guide only.    This will show you the inputs required […]

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