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When thinking about how to grow your Legal Firm, it’s common to look straight at issues with marketing and sales. But, marketing and sales should be one of the last considerations. Clearly, a very important component, but without the support of the other components, you may have a marketing department firing on all cylinders, without the capacity or capabilities to deal with the increased demand, which means you don’t grow at all and instead, you create chaos.

What is so interesting with legal firms, is that they have no idea what their staff will be doing in the short to medium term.

If this is true, then how do you know that the number of staff you have is correct? Is it 5 too many or 5 not enough? And further, how do you know you have the correct capabilities and mix of staff in the correct areas?

In most cases you don’t know the correct number of staff or what capabilities you should have, the firm has been built around the capabilities of the owners and the organisational structure that has developed – which allows for the firm to generate its current billing performance.

The 5 steps to growing your legal firm can occur concurrently and it is not a suggestion that you need to complete one before moving to the next.

It’s also important to understand that this document does not contemplate acquisition as a growth strategy, this document is focused on growing organically.

Check out the below conversation with Mark Rogerson as he discusses each important step to growing your legal firm.